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Lauren Wang
Founder and Principal

Fifteen years of yoga practice and teaching, starting from age 15. For the next 18 years, I devoted my time to study, contemplation, and practice of Tibetan Buddhism under a world-renowned Tibetan Dharma Master. During this time I achieved qualification to instruct in Buddhism, and completed Vajrayana (high level practice) study and was qualified by Buddhism tradition to provide spiritual help.

I've already been able to share my learning in yoga and Buddhism practice with many people through organized study. My spiritual background has led me to Akashic Reading, and coupled with my prior spiritual experience I've been using Akashic Reading to help people to heal, to grow, to improve, to see truth, to find answers to life's questions, and to achieve true happiness. 

I'm continuing yoga and Buddhism practice while helping others with my ability so they can benefit the most throughout time.

Lauren and her furry friend
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