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A sampling of testimonials from around the world...

It was an incredible and unforgettable experience! The parting of the dog that accompanied me for 16 years was really painful. Thanks to Lauren for helping me to connect with my dog. For the first time in 16 years I finally learned what my dog really thinks.He told me that he loves me very much. He’s no longer in pain and is very happy. I asked him some questions and found answers ( some answers really surprised me!)so I don’t have to spend the rest of my life with guilt and doubts. The connection begins with sadness but ends full filled with love and warmness! Thank you very much LAUREN, this connection made me relieved quickly and out of sadness! Definitely gonna come back soon to discover more!

Viv Chien from Ottawa, Canada

Hi Lauren. I'm happy to say you gave careful guidance on clarifying questions. And you have warm and focused style.

Shalini Devadhar from New Zealand

My Akashic Reading with Lauren was very insightful! She's professional, talented and intuitive. I have recommended her to my friends, Lauren guided them to find answers or make decision and everything she said was accurate! Whenever I feel struggling or lost, or hesitate I know who to talk to now. Book with Lauren right away, You won’t be disappointed!

Chloe S from Ottawa, Canada

This is an online reading session through what’s app. The process was pretty smooth with stable internet connection. One session lasted 1 hour which was enough time to ask a decent amount of questions. I didn’t have to prepare much other than the questions that I wanted to ask. The reader didn’t ask for any of my personal info besides my name but she was pretty accurate about my situation. I’d go back to her if I have any other confusions about life...

Anna Liu 

Lauren's reading is very thoughtful and thorough. I got the answers to the questions that had been hunting me for years, and found the light and courage to the days to come. Thank you Lauren.

Jamie D from Vancouver, Canada

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