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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you set your rates?

My rates represent a great value.

1) I do not need to support myself through Akashic Reading. My partner and I have enough independent financial resources that it's not necessary for me to support either myself or a family.

2) Through my lifelong spiritual practice, I have benefitted from many teachers who have given of themselves and their wisdom without any attempt to enrich themselves. Through their sincere generosity of spirit and through my own practice, I have realized it's time for me to give to others the generous amount of benefit I've received from my gurus.

3) I have been reading for years, and experience with clients and their feedback confirms that my readings are of the highest quality.

4) However, human nature is such that people do not value that which is free or cheap, and treat inexpensive experiences as throwaway entertainment, thereby losing the potential for profound change. For this reason, I charge an representative amount of money for my time, effort, and the quality I deliver.


What is Akashic Record and how does the Reading work?

Akashic Record is a collective vibrational archive of every soul and its journey throughout time. It contains your past, present, and even future possibilities. The Akashic Record also contains an animal’s journey, for example a pet.
As an Akashic reader, I connect with your Akashic Record by means of the Pathway Prayer.
Your masters, teachers and loved ones open the door to your record to let me in, show me the answers of your questions and love you for who you are with patient, passion and love.
Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


What's the procedure of a session?

At the appointed time, Lauren will call you on phone or WhatsApp (or other preferred  way). You need to be over 18 years of age and give permission to open your record. During the  reading, you ask your questions and the answers will be given by Lauren. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


How do I book a session?

To book a session, you can click the "Book now" button on the "Services & Booking" page under under the corresponding service, and follow the instruction to make the payment to complete your booking. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


What do I have to do to prepare for your session?

You should be sitting in a quiet room during the reading. Mute your phone and any other interrupters so we can be focused on the reading. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask questions in relation to: relationships, career (business), wealth, health, mental blockage, life purpose, difficulties, PTSD, present effects caused by past life events, future direction... 

Open ended, exploratory, what/ why/ how questions are more effective than " closed-ended" yes/ no questions. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


Can an Akashic Reading help my career?

Yes. For example, often career difficulties are not related to competence, but are related to impressions other people have of you. Akashic Reading can reveal these human attributes and impressions to you so that you become aware of them and can work to improve them and enjoy greater success. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I just broke up with my girlfriend (or was recently divorced). Can I learn the causes and learn from it to benefit my next relationship?

Yes, definitely. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I have been struggling my whole life with consequences (e.g. self-destructive thoughts, PTSD, low self-esteem, lack of self worth) from damaging childhood experiences (e.g. abuse, traumatic experiences). Can Akashic Reading help?

Absolutely. I myself have suffered the consequences of severe childhood abuse, and have been dealing with the consequences my entire life. I have tried many physical and mental methods, including psychologists, yoga, meditation, traditional medicine, acupuncture, etc. Although all helped in a limited way, Akashic Reading provided the deepest insights to help repair the mental damage. So I can speak from personal experience and strongly recommend you try Akashic Reading. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


Can Akashic Reading predict my future events?



Can you read a group of people?

No. Akashic Reading connects with an individual's deep and fundamental spiritual record, which is unique to an individual. There are no Akashic Records for a group. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I'm going through a lot of difficulties. It feels like I'm in a fog, and feel lost and confused. I want to have an Akashic Reading with Lauren, but don't know where to start and what to ask. What should I do?

Not to worry. Just book a self-improvement session and Lauren will lead you through the session. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I'm in a relationship. Can I use an Akashic Reading to improve my relationship?

Definitely. In fact Akashic Reading is well-suited to help you improve and strengthen the bond of a relationship, and get more happiness from the relationship. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


Can I retrieve information about my past lives from Akashic Reading?

Yes.  Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I'm interested in an Akashic Reading, but am unsure about whether to engage in one. Can I talk to you live before engaging?

Sure. You're welcome to talk to me about Akashic reading thru a phone call, text message, onsite chat/messaging (button is at lower right of your screen). Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I'm worried about privacy. How do you handle the sensitive nature of these highly personal issues?

I fully understand and I take great care in keeping your details private and confidential. 

  • During any Akashic Reading session with me, I am in my private space, alone, and with a closed door.

  • I don't make any recordings of any session. You may make a recording of the session if you wish.

  • During an Akashic Reading, I'm in a trance-like state, and recall very few of details of the session later. Copyright Lauren's Akashic Reading


I live far from Ottawa. How can I have a Reading where I live?

No Problem. Long Distance Readings are the perfect solution to this. Book here . The booking page will even figure out your time zone difference.

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